Geek Cred Episode #36 – Scott Johnson

September 25, 2009 — 2 Comments

Geek Cred kicks off its return from a brief hiatus with an interview with web comic artist, podcaster, and all around ubergeek Scott Johnson, of Extra Life, Experience Points, Extra Life Radio, The Instance, and more. Scott talks in-depth about the birth and evolution of the comic, his drawing workflow and tools, taking his hobby full-time, gives tips for any aspiring creators, and much more.

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2 responses to Geek Cred Episode #36 – Scott Johnson

  1. This was a great episode. I loved hearing Scott’s thoughts on how he balances podcasting and family life. It’s very inspirational as a fellow podcaster. This is a nicely done show as well, I just discovered it and went back and listened to a few others. Geeks unite!

  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed talking to Scott. Some of the things he said definitely struck a chord with me too, and really made me think and take a hard look at some things.
    Always love it when new people discover the podcast, hope you like what you hear. Geek on!

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