Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri LowenthalYuri Lowenthal is a prolific actor known for his voice over work in animation and video games, including the title roles of Ben 10 and Prince of Persia, plus shows like Young Justice and Legion of Superheroes, as well as a screen actor, with credits including Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yuri and his wife, fellow actor Tara Platt, created Shelf Life, an irreverent live-action comedy web series about the action figures on young boy’s shelf, and co-write Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind The Mic.

Learn what appeals to him about the science fiction and fantasy genre (both as a fan and as an actor), how voice acting is more than just “doing voices” and impressions, and how he comes up with the voice for a new character. Plus, the differences between voice over and acting on camera, his most memorable convention experience, how he got composer Bear McCeary to score Shelf Life, what his dream role would be, the geekiest thing he’s ever done, and more.

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Geoff Lapaire

Geoff Lapaire is a Canadian filmmaker behind the popular web series Pure Pwnage and Space Janitors.

Geoff started Pure Pwnage, one of the very first web series, back in 2004 with Jarrett Cale. Before the launch of YouTube and the emergence of streaming video, the mockumentary of video game culture became an Internet phenomenon, and was even adapted for television. His current project, science fiction parody series Space Janitors, is in it second season on Geek & Sundry.

Go behind the scenes and learn about Pure Pwnage‘s explosive growth from very modest origins, making the jump from the Internet to television series, and how he first met and came to collaborate with production partner Davin Lengyel. Plus, the inspirations for Space Janitors, the unique challenges in making a space-based series, advice for up and coming filmmakers who want to produce their own web series, and more.

Help make Season 3 of Space Janitors a reality by supporting their fundraising campaign on Indie Go Go–pledge today!

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Ron Richards

Ron Richards is the co-founder and former editor of iFanboy and now Director of Business Development at Image Comics.

Learn how he first got in to comics, the genesis of comics fan site iFanboy, and his journey from comics fan to industry insider with Image Comics.

Plus, the digital revolution as it relates to comics, if Comic-Con is really about comics anymore, how there’s more to comics than just stereotypical superhero stories, and more.

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Bill Doran

Photo Courtesy Soulfire Photography

Photo Courtesy Soulfire Photography

Bill Doran operates Punished Props, and his costuming and prop building work has been featured at sites like Tested and can be seen at popular conventions.

Learn how he got in to costuming and prop building, what’s so special about going to conventions in costume, and his journey to taking his hobby full-time, and advice for people that might be interested but don’t know where to start.

Plus, how members of the community eagerly share their knowledge, what makes replica props special compared to Hollywood props, the difficulties in translating fictional items to physical props, and more.

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Chris Gore

Chris Gore is the founder of Film Threat, author of Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, and host of G4‘s Attack of the Show.

Recorded live at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, Chris talks about his the origins of independent film and Film Threat, advice for aspiring filmmakers, and his transition in to television.

Plus, learn about his approach when interviewing celebrities, what superpower he would want, the geekiest thing he’s ever done, and more.

Thanks to Swoopy, Nicole Spagnuolo, Brian Dunaway, and the whole crew at the Dragon*Con Podcasting Track, and everyone who came to see the show live!

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James Swirsky & Lisanne Pajot of “Indie Game: The Movie”

James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot are the producers of the award-winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie, which chronicles the emotional journey of the independent developers of Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Braid as they struggle to make their video game dreams a reality.

Go behind the scenes and learn about the inspiration for the film, what is so special about independent games, how their own journey as independent filmmakers parallels that of the developers portrayed on screen, and more.

Plus the most challenging aspects of making the film, why thy bypassed more traditional distribution channels, and the unusual story behind the iconic Super Nintendo controller.

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Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont is a video host, podcast, and all-around Internet personality, and the co-host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Sword & Laser.

Learn about her journey from behind the scenes to in front of the microphone and camera, what it’s like living and breathing technology on a daily basis, and Sword & Laser’s new video version. Plus learn about what inspires her creatively, the geekiest thing she’s ever done, and her advice for anyone aspiring to get in to new media.

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Justin Robert Young

Justin Robert Young is a blogger and podcaster, and editor-in-chief of iTricks, editor of Weird Things, co-host of FSL Tonight, and co-host of NSFW and contributor to Game On! on TWiT.

Justin discusses his journey into new media, why he uses three names, and how he’s secretly terrified of being exposed as a fraud. Plus, learn about how he connected with co-host Brian Brushwood, the genesis of NSFW and FSL Tonight, and the geekiest thing he’s ever done.

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Ernest Cline

Ernie Cline is the author of New York Times bestselling science fiction novel Ready Player One and writer of the comedy drama film Fanboys.

Learn about the inspiration for Ready Player One, getting Wil Wheaton to read the audiobook, and the experience of selling his very first screenplay and having Fanboys made in to a major Hollywood movie, and how that lead to writing Ready Player One.

Plus, learn about how he got in to writing, his very unique vehicle, what inspires him creatively, and the geekiest thing he’s ever done.

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Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood is a magician, podcaster, author, and comedian. Brian wows colleges across America with his award-winning bizarre magic show and hosts Scam School on Revision3 and co-hosts NSFWFrame Rate, and Game On! on TWiT.

Brian talks about how he discovered magic, his transition from magic in to podcasting and new media, the importance of his connection with the online community, and how he connected with co-host Justin Robert Young. Plus, learn what drives him creatively, why it’s okay to suck, and the geekiest thing he’s ever done.

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