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Geek Cred Episode #19 – Steve Saylor

This episode features an interview with Steve Saylor, the author of the supernatural superhero podcast novel Black Shadow, and co-host of This Week in Geek. Steve talks about Black Shadow, what inspired him, and what is the geekiest thing that he has ever done. Plus, the usual geek trivia, along with details for Geek Cred Live and a new giveaway.

Length: 41:45
Size: 28.6 MB


Geek Cred Episode #18 – Eric Busby

The first episode of Geek Cred of 2008 features an interview with Eric Busby, the executive producer at audio drama company Darker Projects. Eric talks about how Darker Projects got founded, why audio drama, what goes into a production, and more. Plus the usual geek trivia.

Length: 30:39
Size: 21.0MB


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